For over a decade, I walked the streets of America conducting thousands of face to face interviews with business owners, managers, and everyday citizens.  I made business connections, found mentors, teachers and a lot of frustrated victim thinkers.  They shared their concerns about government, business, morality, the economy, education and so much more.  My goal was legislative research and civic involvement, but this process made me aware that society is starving for the principles and facts that promote personal and societal freedom.

This site is designed to satisfy that hunger with hopeful, entertaining and enlightening teaching that unveils these secrets.  In it I share what I’ve learned through personal research as well as from the connections I made with business and educational leaders along the way.

Explore the Site to Learn:

  • The fundamentals of freedom
  • The power of personal responsibility
  • How to strengthen your finances
  • How to improve your relationships
  • Hands on tools to help you personally, professionally and financially
  • How to increase profit in business
  • Why true free-enterprise works
  • The genius of the US Constitution and how it applies to you
  • Why morality in society matters
  • Increase personally productivity

My hope is that these tools and powerful illustrations/lessons will lead to personal triumph in your life.