6 thoughts on “Why I Created This Podcast

  1. Congratulations on this new venture and your book. I agree that the people have the power to change things and get America back on course. Unfortunately almost everyone is under the thumb of government because of the things they have become accustomed to the federal government providing and could not imagine life without them. The two biggest examples being medicare and social security. I have a close relative that chose to vote for a person they did not believe in because he supported money for their handicapped child. They wanted the money more than freedom and really did not care that other people would have to pay their way. They cared about own situation only.

    The Federal Government is very restricted by the Constitution on the role it is to play. People fall for the tax the rich and distribute to the poor concept. It is socialism and we are a socialist country, big time. Going back to putting freedoms above the dole is going to to be very hard to accomplish because people want the dole more than there freedoms.
    They actually want both freedom and things from the federal government and they do not understand, they can not have both. Entitlements have to be phased out, and all people need to understand that the Federal Government is here to protect their freedoms, not make them happy. Life, liberty and the pursuit of ( or freedom to go after) happiness, not happiness.

  2. Hi Richard. I am extremely happy for you (and your family) to firmly stand and fight on the side of freedom. Folks all across the world should realize that physical freedom so many people enjoy these days came through the shedding of the blood of American patriots. Not through summit meetings, federal hand-outs, controlled education, etc. The US Constitution was framed to put chains on the federal government to limit the power grabbers, not on the people.
    And you know where we got or can get our spiritual freedom from. Also through the shedding of blood of the world’s greates hero, friend and helper and unbelievable individual who ever walked this earth.

    See you soon at the 40th.

    Rudy Limpert

  3. Right on! It is so nice to hear something positive and upbeat! We need more of this! Every day I receive a barrage of negative emails that are politically oriented. I simply delete them now. I am ready for something hopeful!

  4. Thank you Karen. I believe its all too easy to be a critic. What we need today are facts, hope and a desire to invest in this country! I hope these messages create awareness that we can and do make a difference.

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