Freedom of Choice — A Personal Application

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For those of you how listened to the recent podcast “Garbage in Garbage Out…” Consider the following PERSONAL APPLICATION:

In your childhood and especially in adolescence, freedom of choice was a primary motivator. If you’ve watched a two year old speed away from a pursuing parent or witnessed a teenager assert their independence, you know what I am talking about.  Properly channeled, this instinct is a good thing.  Unfortunately though, some combination of school, careers, social status, culture, vice, events, etc., tends to change youthful zeal into cynicism and apathy, or some other form of victim-hood. Remember, the cynic is a critic who never solves anything.  Just as America’s problems will never be solved if the people waste their energy on doom and gloom sermons preached by politicians and media moguls, your problems will never be solved with pessimistic self-talk and doubt.

Yielding to pessimism will never create positive outcomes. So broaden your vision and fill your mind with success principles and hopeful stories like those on this website.  The principles our founders discovered and applied brought unparalleled freedom. Seeing them conquer in the face of great opposition will inspire you to avoid falling victim to anti-freedom rhetoric for America and your personal life. You are the author of your own story so write it according to your dreams and greatest expectations! Remember, brave men and women sacrificed greatly in this country to grant you the ability to choose freedom…but only you can choose.

You must take responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.    — Jim Rohn

One thought on “Freedom of Choice — A Personal Application

  1. I highly commend this type of thinking! I agree that all the cynical attitudes of today are getting us nowhere fast!

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