Click Here to Listen to an Amazing Story of Combat Both on and Off the Battlefield!

After leaving my corporate career to begin working with the legislative research firm National Write Your Congressman, I encountered numerous veterans in Arizona where I was working.  Their stories inspired me to work harder to create accountability in government and protect our liberties.  In sharing this Story of Col. Van T. Barfoot I hope to first honor our veterans and then transfer that feeling I experienced in visiting personally with other heroes like Barfoot.  This story will amaze you! 


One thought on “Veterans Day Message- A Hero Passed…And Present: Van T. Barfoot

  1. Richard,what a great story. On 11/11/13 I had the pleasure of of singing with the VA Voices during a breakfast which was held for the 8 military Grand Marshals of the Veterans Day Parade. One of them was a Pearl Harbor survivor another was a Vietnam flyer who was also a POW. These men and women are why we have, as yet, a free country. Please continue your mission. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day. Frank, USAR 1965-70

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