How to Quantify the Value of “Showing Up!”

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Society pays a price when people don’t show up.  Coaches complain when their teams don’t “show up” to play.  You and I pay a price when we halfheartedly show up and nations can rise and fall depending on who shows up.  So what does our lack luster approach to “showing up” in every sense of the word cost us?  Now that the fire works and parades of the American Independence Day celebrations have ended what will you do today to secure your own freedom?  And whether or not you “show up” has more to do with it than you may imagine.

Click here to listen to this Podcast of a dramatic true story about the power of “showing up!” 

*some of the events of Abraham Baldwin’s story was gathered from content in  Ron G. Carters book, Unlikely Heroes.

Take a Stand

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Podcast # 19   On Taking A Stand

Learn how holding fast to your character leads to greater opportunity in this podcast!

Throughout history there are those who boldly plant themselves in the critics path to defend just principles. The strength of their character preserves freedom and justice for all.  Listen to this inspiring story of one in our modern era who did just that.  He represents the thousands of others who, in pivotal moments, put adulation, power and even popularity aside to protect the principles that set us free.   Enjoy this powerful podcast about James Donovan!

Are You a Subject or a Citizen?

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Subject of Citizen Depends on Education


How did the founders of the United States of America unleash unprecedented prosperity?  After all there were many other British Colonies that gained independence, but failed to achieve greatness as a nation.  These insights will translate to personal success.


James Forten Powerfully Demonstrates How to Get Better not Bitter!

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If you have ever endeavored to step out of the crowd, either in the attempt of achieving a lofty personal goal or undertaking a difficult cause, I am sure that you have been ridiculed or demeaned in the attempt.  In these defining moments you can either decide to quit and get bitter or push forward and get better.

LISTEN TO THIS AMAZING STORY about JAMES FORTEN and how he, in spite of opposition and unfair treatment, succeeded and had a powerful impact on his community!

Benjamin Franklin and the Power of Resolution

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Benjamin Franklin headed for Philadelphia at age 17 and arrived broke, hungry, dirty and exhausted.  Everything he owned he was literally carrying.  In fact, Franklin would start from “scratch” so to speak several more times as he clawed and willed himself to grow and improve.  So if it wasn’t birthright, inheritance, position or politics that placed young Franklin in favorable circumstances what accounts for his incredible success in life?—in one word, resolve.

CLICK THIS LINK and enjoy a powerful video/podcast on the subject… It will help you with your resolutions this year.

Podcast # 6: The Supreme Court: Friend or Foe of the Constitution?

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Have you ever wondered about the term judicial review?  Or, how the Supreme Court can take prayer out of school for example?  Thomas Jefferson issued some strong warnings about the probability of the Supreme Court over stepping its bounds.  You will be amazed at the accuracy of these statements and his admonitions.  You won’t want to miss this one.


Expert Witnesses: A Foreign Perspective on the Power of the US Constitution

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Hear the defenses opening argument in the trial of the US Constitution vs. Revisionists.  Two expert witnesses (non-Americans) are called to the stand to add merit to the case and encourage you, the jury, to hear the facts from original sources in future podcasts and posts!  Enjoy!