Thomas Jefferson, Titan of Liberty

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Podcast # 13: Thomas Jefferson, Titan of Liberty

The list of incredible accomplishments assigned to Thomas Jefferson seems super human.  How did he accomplish it and what was he most proud of?

You’ll discover the foundation of this answer here and in the process you just may find yourself accomplishing a whole lot more.

Listen in and tell me what you think

Are You a Subject or a Citizen?

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Subject of Citizen Depends on Education


How did the founders of the United States of America unleash unprecedented prosperity?  After all there were many other British Colonies that gained independence, but failed to achieve greatness as a nation.  These insights will translate to personal success.


Podcast # 6: The Supreme Court: Friend or Foe of the Constitution?

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Have you ever wondered about the term judicial review?  Or, how the Supreme Court can take prayer out of school for example?  Thomas Jefferson issued some strong warnings about the probability of the Supreme Court over stepping its bounds.  You will be amazed at the accuracy of these statements and his admonitions.  You won’t want to miss this one.