Podcast # 22 How to Increase Your Income by Improving Your Communication Capacity!

In my management and coaching career many people have asked me how they can increase their income.  They come with great ideas and talents, but lack the ability to make others see them.  This podcast offers a few tips and some powerful motivation from the words of the great Patrick Henry himself!  Find out how he compelled Thomas Jefferson and many others to battle not the British but the same enemy that keeps you from your greatest successes today.  


Podcast # 21  On Presidential Elections, Leadership and Richard the Lionhearted

Trump vs. Hillary has got so many people riled up right now and for good reason.  How did we get here?  Maybe its because of our preoccupations.  Listen in to hear the powerful tale of the inspiring leadership of Richard the Lionhearted and how it relates to solutions for our era.  It’s time to dream about finding real heroes in our day and I am challenging you to make the dream a reality.


Podcast # 20:  How Do You Quantify the Value of Showing Up?

What’s the cost of not showing up? Have you ever tried to consider what the world would be like if men like Gandhi & Washington hadn’t “showed up?”  What does our lack luster approach to “showing up” in every sense of the word cost us?  Now that the fire works and parades of the American Independence Day celebrations have ended what will you do today to secure your own freedom?  And whether or not you “show up” has more to do with it than you may imagine.


Click here to listen to this dramatic true story about the power of “showing up!” 

*some of the events of Abraham Baldwin’s story was gathered from content in  Ron G. Carters book, Unlikely Heroes.


Podcast # 19:  On Taking A Stand

Learn how holding fast to your character leads to greater opportunity in this podcast!

Throughout history there are those who boldly plant themselves in the critics path to defend just principles. The strength of their character preserves freedom and justice for all.  Listen to this inspiring story of one in our modern era who did just that.  He represents the thousands of others who, in pivotal moments, put adulation, power and even popularity aside to protect the principles that set us free.   Enjoy this powerful podcast about James Donovan!


Podcast # 18  DEBT: Bondage or FREEDOM? 

Debt is overwhelming our society today and our attitude towards it threatens to destroy us, not the debt itself.  Many do not know the full story of the American Pilgrims who came to Plymouth in 1620.  The truth is they labored under massive amounts of debt... listen in to hear the rest of the story! 


Podcast # 17  MASSIVE FAILURE AND SUCCESS: The Panama Canal

Are you looking for better results from the team and projects you lead?  

Do you know why your current initiative is falling short of expectations?  

The truth is every leader must identify the currently imperceptible road blocks that are halting success before a breakthrough can occur.  Four very different leaders in the Panama Canal Project offer an excellent leadership case study in this tragic and insightful tale of an epic battle to forge a shipping lane through Central America.  Listen in and see if you don’t discover what all the “buzz” is about here and in your own leadership journey.

  1. Some information in this podcast was inspired by the PBS Documentary: A Man, A Plan, A Canal. 1999


Podcast # 16  FOLLOW THE MONEY: Time to Get Financially Fit!

Have you ever wondered why your dollar isn’t stretching like it used to?

Do you want to know how to take charge of your finances(be sure and check out the Financial Fitness Link below)?

With so many factors working against your financial security it pays to become educated on who/what is vying for your money and why its time to hang on to more of it.  If you are concerned about how consumerism, banking policy, government/currency manipulation and more is effecting your financial well-being listen to this podcast and resolve now to take charge of your money.

After listening to this podcast, I invite you to check out the amazing resource I’ve been effectively using to win financially by clicking the link below.

Financial Fitness Program.


Podcast # 15: Vision not Perfection Builds a Monument 

Mount Rushmore stands as a monument to great and determined men, but it wasn’t Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt or Lincoln who envisioned such a feat.  No, it was another man, unknown to most of us, who gave us something magnificent to look upon.  Listen in and discover how one very imperfect man saw this project into existence.  Its the secret to successfully accomplishing any significant undertaking.


Podcast # 14: What Benjamin Franklin Could and Could Not See!

Robert Kiyosaki would credit Benjamin Franklin’s great wealth to three key ingredients.   One is long-term vision.  Find out how Franklin leveraged these three things not only to create his independence but to significantly contributing to the independence of the most powerful nation on earth.


Podcast # 13: Thomas Jefferson, Titan of Liberty

The list of incredible accomplishments assigned to Thomas Jefferson seems super human.  How did he accomplish it and what was he most proud of?

You’ll discover the foundation of this answer here and in the process you just may find yourself accomplishing a whole lot more.

Listen in and tell me what you think


Podcast # 12:  When Will You Have Your Overnight Success? 

We’ve all heard it said that there is no such thing as an overnight success, but I’d beg to differ.  One day you have a broke college student the next day you have a multimillionaire.  Why?  Listen in and tell me if you agree.    


Podcast # 11:  Abraham Lincoln, Truth That Rings True Today

When Abraham Lincoln won the Republican nomination as their candidate to run for president of the United States, Southern States began threatening to leave the Union.  His deep convictions made him a very polarizing figure. LISTEN to this podcast and hear a voice that echoes as true today as it did then. The subject isn’t slavery today, but it applies to other current issues.  See if you can see a parallel and a threat to our liberty today…


Podcast # 10:  Over a Century of Education and the Slight Edge = Freedom!

What do MICROWAVES, MOVIES AND MODELS all have in common?  They’ve all contributed to changing our perception of the success cycle.  The farmer understands that you have to plant, CULTIVATE and then harvest, but today’s fast paced society leads us to believe we can plant, skip cultivate and go right to the harvest.  It took over 100 years of education in America to create the right environment to reap the rewards of freedom.  The good news is it won’t take you that long, but you will need to apply the principles of the Slight Edge (great book by Jeff Olsen) to live the life of success and happiness you desire.  LISTEN IN TO LEARN MORE…


Podcast # 9: A Veterans Day Message A Hero Passed and Present: Van T. Barfoot

After leaving my corporate career to begin working with the legislative research firm National Write Your Congressman, I encountered numerous veterans in Arizona where I was working.  Their stories inspired me to work harder to create accountability in government and protect our liberties.  In sharing this Story of Col. Van T. Barfoot I hope to first honor our veterans and then transfer that feeling I experienced in visiting personally with heroes like Barfoot.  This story will amaze you! 


Podcast # 8: Subject or Citizen Depends on Education

How did the founders of the United States of America unleash unprecedented prosperity?  After all there were many other British Colonies that gained independence, but failed to achieve greatness as a nation.  These insights will translate to personal success.



Podcast # 7: Freedom: A Matter of Your Thinking

Do you think sensus solum or sensus plenior?  WAIT, don’t tune out yet.  This entertaining and informative podcast will reveal how our predominate education system is creating a vacuum of freedom thinking.  If you want to enjoy wider freedom personally and in society as a whole, then this 5 minute audio is worth investing a moment to listen to.


Podcast # 6: The Supreme Court: Friend or Foe of the Constitution?

Have you ever wondered about the term judicial review? Or, how the Supreme Court can take prayer out of school for example? Thomas Jefferson issued some strong warnings about the probability of the Supreme Court over stepping its bounds. You will be amazed at the accuracy of his statements and admonitions. You won’t want to miss this one.



Podcast # 5: George Washington and Veteran’s Day

General George Washington, a veteran of two wars sets the standard for both civic and military service!  Come with me in this podcast back to July 2, 1776.   Washington and his troops were preparing for the impossible task of defending New York City and he didn’t even have a copy of the Declaration of Independence in hand.  Listen to his resolve in the face of insurmountable odds!  It will inspire you.

Click Here to Listen


Podcast # 4: “Osama Bin-Ladin is Dead” So What Now? 

Principled patriotism not emotionalism protects freedom.  Hear the powerful story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his involvement in attempts to assassinate Hitler.  Understand the relationship between his actions and America’s reaction to Bin-Ladin’s death.  What we do, not how we react will keep us strong and free.


Podcast # 3:  Garbage In, Garbage Out – What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Just like a computer we tend to behave according to the information/experiences (our beliefs) that’s we’ve downloaded to our brains.  Whether this is our belief about America or our own life we limit our success.  Listen to how different approaches to freedom of information and education influenced the USSR vs. America in this podcast.


Podcast#2: Expert Witnesses: A Foreign Perspective on the Power of the US Constitution

Hear the defenses opening argument in the trial of the US Constitution vs. Revisionists. Two expert witnesses (non-Americans) are called to the stand to add merit to the case and encourage you, the jury, to hear the facts from original sources in future podcasts and posts! Enjoy!      Click Here


Podcast #1:  Listen to my freedom story.

The reason I changed my comfortable career to go out and embrace freedom.  CLICK HERE

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    1. Wanda, I am not sure why you are having trouble. I’ve opened these podcasts using free wifi at hotels, libraries, my smart phone and of course my personal internet service provider. Its opened quickly or relatively quickly in each case.

      Perhaps you can be more specific about what your experiencing. Send your concerns to info@unleashingfreedom.com and we can address it that way. Thank you for your interest.

      Is anyone else having trouble opening these?

  1. Richard, I’ve listened to several of your podcasts and have had no problem with them. This is great. I love your stuff and am looking forward to your book. I’ve been extremely busy with NWYC as you know how that can be, as well as designing and manufacturing a few signs in my “spare time”.
    I still haven’t taken the time to have my son-in-law, the musician, help me download your “Patriots Perspective’s”. I mentioned it to him and he said he could do it but we both keep forgetting about it when we do have time. We’re moving across the street from them near Columbus and then we will have more opportunities to get this done.
    I want so bad to forward these to so many people for them to hear because they are so well said and inspiring. I think I’ve saved almost all of them since I started or at least a lot of them.
    I’ll let you know how it goes and forward them to you when we do.
    Rick Gaul

    1. Thanks for all your encouragement. I’ve made a commitment to compete the rough draft of the book with in the next 90 days.

      Thanks for all you do in the effort to expand freedom.


  2. I enjoyed podcast #18.It was informative and insightful, to the point and certainly shows us where we are headed as a nation!

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