The Freedom to Fail, Part of the American Dream

With out failure there is no American dream!  Yes you read that right, with out the freedom to fail necessary course corrections towards success don’t naturally occur.  Enjoy this message to learn how to seize the American Dream by grasping this powerful principle…

2 thoughts on “The Freedom to Fail, Part of the American Dream

  1. I’ve long agreed with your thoughts, here.

    Freedom with no option is no freedom at all. If we are allowed only to succeed – as long as we don’t succeed too much – then where is our freedom? The tyranny of forced success is as evil as that of scripted failure.

    The liberty to inform oneself of the risks inherent in a venture, then to choose to embark on it despite them, is a basic, foundational, Natural right. It belongs to all mankind. It cannot be justly infringed upon by any power on earth or in Heaven.

    By seeking to enforce equal results, philosophers and states alike undertake an act that is expressly forbidden by the laws of Nature. The violation of any of Nature’s laws brings consequences as immutable, as sure and as final as those of Gravity. Can one really wonder at the implosion of the European Socialist countries? Soft though it was, the glove of the well-meaning tyrant’s hand, in the end it will not – it cannot – support its unwitting victims.

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